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Earn 5 karma points

Spring evening wallpaper CANON 70D

Earn 5 karma points

Do you know this feeling when you have and want to tell so much, but all you  do is remain silent? You are sure words are not able to express everything, looks like you would need at least half a day to say what you want using those letter combinations. So you give up, say ‘meh’ (or ‘Daaamn, I am too lazy to talk now’ (all eyes on my sis)) and lose 5 karma points instantly for making your conversation partner mad. Or when you create colossal plans in your mind and imagine how your life would change? But mind keeps telling you you won’t make it ‘Maaaan, c’mon, whom are you trying to trick? This is too much work!’.  And then you either give up or make it true and live happily ever after or have an epic fail story to tell to your friends.

I am not going to lie – this blog is my baby, some anomalia, I was carrying in myself for years with the same attitude. And I would still carry it for half of my life probably, but I know too much to keep it only for myself. Also, keeping all tipps make me  feel kinda like  this. Life is full of random, awkward, funny, strange, sometimes amusing and suspicious experiences, talks and laughts. I like random stuff (from music, cooking and reading to meeting people, traveling, writing and learning languages), which made me gather some tips for da people of da Internetzz. 

Sometimes philosophical like that homeless guy on your street. This blog is going to be a life book, a chronicle and a source for future scientists. I am going to tell you stories, to laught out of my fails and give tips on random topics by telling how it worked for me.

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