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Crêpes with grated apples and cinamon

kitchen apples crepes

Crêpes with grated apples and cinamon

One lazy Saturday morning I woke up after the strangiest dream, that led me into magical world of apples and cinnamon. Just kidding, I just had some apples and really wanted pancakes. Anyway, I was surprised a bit after realising how long I haven’t eaten them and how much I missed  crêpes with grated apples, that smell like heaven, cinnamon and dreams. The ones from my childhood. Haven’t I even understood where I was, when I had a bowl in my hands and was mixing ingredients for the batter. Yeah, life is short – no time to waste time. That’s deep.

I always expect my  crêpes to be tasty without adding any filling nor souce and being tasty just with a butter. Why? Because then they fit with any filling and you can make several kind of pancakes at one time. It doesn’t require any high IQ to know how to make universal crêpes, it is enough to keep in mind, that salt makes dishes salty and sugar makes them sweet. So either you use minimal amount of sugar and/or salt or avoid them at all. That’s the whole “secret”.

Advice for the comming recipe –  if  you notice, that apples were really juicy and after grating there is a lot of liquid left, remove the excess of juice. Otherwise  crêpes may become too moist and squidgy. You can simply press grated apples with a spoon and pour juices into glass.


For approx. 8 crêpes (depends on their size) you will need:

  • 2 eggs;
  • 200 ml milk (or 100ml water, 100ml milk, which is same tasty);
  • 200 g flour;
  • 2 spoons of oil (not olive).


  • 3 apples;
  • A full teaspoon of cinnamon;
  • A teaspoon of sugar.


What, how, where?

  1. Let’s begin from the filling as it simply becomes more delicious after mixing and leaving it for some time. Peal apples, grate them, put cinnamon and sugar. Mix it. That’s it for now. Now just leave it and prepare batter;
  2. Batter. Liquid ingredients go first: beat two eggs into a bowl. Whisk them. Don’t take it too serious, ’cause we don’t need froth.;
  3. Pour milk (or milk + H2O), blend it with a spoon a bit;
  4. Pour flour aaaaaand do what? Exactly – mix. Mix for your life. Put oil and keep mixing. Make it smooth and make yourself proud;
  5. One ladle – one pancake.
  6. After  crêpes are done, put one whole spoon of the filling and roll them how only you can (for the record – the most reasonable method is to wrap it into an “envelope” like on my pictures, then it holds together). After wrapping put them shortly back to the pan, no extra oil needed. Just put them, on the lowest heat, leave few minutes on each side. It’s for fixing the form and heating for a better taste.

Easy peasy, fast and tasty. What else do you need?..

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