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Banana pancakes and crambled eggs

banana pancakes

Banana pancakes and crambled eggs

Sunday – pancakes day and that’s the rule. This time I wanted something different – enough of crepes, flour or american pancakes! My wishes brought me to “World of Experiments” – where magic happens. Well, not that this is a huge experiment, but few months ago Internet waters brought me some weird “banana scrambled eggs” (banana + egg and into the pan). Not that this is bad. Just too easy, too fast (takes like 3 minutes), huehue. But when you want something fast and light – why not (you will find necessary products below).. This formation inspired me to make pancakes out of it by adding just several more ingridients.

You will make ~9 pancakes out of :

  • 3 bananas (all you need for „banana scrambled eggs“ is the same amount of bananas and eggs, f.e. 2 eggs and 2 bananas);
  • 2 eggs;
  • 4  spoons of flour;
  • 2 sugar spoons;
  • a bit of coconut oil for frying.

What, how, where, why?

  1. First step ir both for crambled eggs and pancakes: grind bananas and add eggs with fork. Mix. “Scrambled banana eggs” are ready to travel to your pan. Don’t forget oil. Interested in pancakes? Follow me to number 2. I will be your guide
  2. Mix flour to what you already have. Add sugar. Put 1,5-2 spoons of batter to the pan.

To make it different you can add cacao powder, peanut butter, sugar powder or just leave your creation how it is, which will taste simply bananish. You see, I told you it was fast and you were like “Yeah, yeah, tell it to my grandma…”.

By the way, kinda important – pancakes are not easy to flip, so fry them on a medium heat, so they don’t burn. If you need extra oil to be sure – do it, just sink pankaces in the sea of towels later, which will absorb all oil left. Be patient – when you are angry, that nothing is flipping properly, pancakes get scared and are afraid to turn upsidedown. 🙁 Good luck with domesticating them!


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