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“Narcos” not only for boys

“Narcos” not only for boys

I have been writing mostly about my discoveries in the kitchen and visited countries. I am pretty sure you believe that is all I do – travel and cook. Oh, stop it! Sometimes I also watch series and movies and on rare occasions I do work. The idea of writing about these series came to my mind after the question I saw on the social media for the 100th time  “Hey, people, which series are you watching? Recommend.”. And what do I see? “Watch Breaking Bad”, watch “Game of Thrones” and all those, I’ve heard a million times. Yes, Walter White could inspire me to produce meth, though I have nothing in common with chemistry and “Game of Thrones”.. haven’t watched a single episode, but c’mon.. everyone suggests those and few others you expect to see every time. So.. that means people have no idea about one of the best series I have ever seen! Otherwise I am sure – I would see the name in every second recommendation.

It is clear enough already what I am going to write about and make you watch – “Narcos”, Series about life of dragquee.. sorry, drug king of Columbia and the whole world. How did he live? What was he planning and fulfilling? Read relaxed – no spoilers here. Just some facts and opinions. 🙂

“Narcos” is not for the weakest. Even the name prompts that. What was happening after I was suggested to watch it? I declined it in my head instantly, because.. “Narcos”, c’mon. Sounds like boyish something with dozens of guns, shootings, nude girls everywhere and criminals without eyes. Naaah, not for me, boring. But I was sat in front of the screen. Noone asked me. TV was switched on. And what I see? Duration of an episode – 50 minutes. Really? Really?.. 🙁 What have I done to deserve this? I only pretended I was watching during the first minutes (huahua, I am such a bad girl). Minute after minute and I am fully in the world of Pablo Escobar. The second episode was demanded by me. What a turn of events.

What surprised me the most in the whole season?

  • Actors
    Not only great acting. What I mean is – actors and real life characters are satisfactorily similiar. The series crew did a great job. After I found out about resemblences, it became so much easier to enjoy the series. You may know the situation while watching something based on an actual events: Woah, I am interested how this character looked like in the real life. Let me Google it *googles 10 minutes, watches some YouTube cat videos, checks Facebook*. I had none of that. Soooo relieving.


  • Historical digressions
    Time after time original footage from 80s-90s appears in the subject. By ‘footage’ I mean reports, newspaper articles, interviews about Pablo Escobar, narco gang firings and other topicalities of the time. All of the sources mentioned above + strict-voiced narrator get unconscious viewers out of the obscurity by telling a tiny bit about situation shown with its context. Just recline and enjoy.


  • The main actor is a cutie pie
    ,… who cuts others’ heads and fingers. Just like a cute bunny killing people with fire. 😀 The main actor – Wagner Moura (btw, nominated for a Golder Globe for “Narcos”) –  is someone, spreading positive vibes out of colorful pictures. Also father of four chickens (one dictionary says ‘chicken’ is a cute endearment of ‘kid’, so let me leave it here). I may only guess that creators chose Wagner to convey how easily Escobar manipulated other people (probably it makes it easier to understand for us (?)). But I shall agree – it is not so easy to put all guilt about 1200 killed policemen and judges on this baby face, who married a 13 year old.


  • Español
    Most of the dialogues are in Spanish (it is Colombia, bro!). Shshshshtop! Don’t panic. You will always see the subtitles. Heh, I knew quite a lot phrases from my childhood, when all my afternoons where spent with Telemundo Presenta, Chuano Pedro and Maria de Lupia. I also had a brief Spanish course few years ago, so watching series with Spanish inserts was like a game. You can also try listening without reading if you have basics. Just keep in mind you are watching serious series, not spending evening by traveling with Dora The Explorer. If you take me, I remembered a lot of phrases, so let it become a small step for you towards learning Spanish you delayed so many times. 😀



  • Soundtrack
    Noone will judge you even if you listen to it for a few times in a row, rewinding the episode. A bird told me some people do that.


  • Cinematography
    Eyes are happy, you can almost see a tear of joy due to estetics in every episode. Splendid, clear. Right on. I am not denying words I’ve just said even if you try to bribe me with the finest chocolate.

Cutie pie is the boss here

From the first sight “Narcos” mostly is a tradictional pursuit. But from the second sight..nothing changes. It IS a pursuit, but in the cloth of manipulations, acumen and a looot of money. Desicions of Escobar sometimes bring shivers, sometimes make viewers wonder. Series are like life of Escobar himself – the beginning and end are clear, but riddle is what inbetween.

And now, just next to an end, let me entertain you and spill several facts

  • On paper, Pablo had the most profitable taxi company ever. He only had three cars, but he was pulling in more than five million dollars a week;
  • He used a public bus to move around undercovered. Just look at that smartass;
  • He wanted to become president of Colombia, WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAT. But more about it in the first season;
  • Suggested to pay the whole national Colobia debt (10 billion dol. at that time);
  • Was responsible for 80% of the cocain traffic worldwide. Damn.

Me? No.. hehe.. I didn’t sniff that..

The first season is in the past. The second (and probably the last one) on Netflix in early September (all episodes will be announced and downloaded on the same day). Have watched it? Then I am waiting for the second season with you. And if you haven’t intoxicated yourself with this masterpiece – what are you waiting for? Don’t waste you time for everyday life and boring series, just watch this one.


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