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Smell the spring

About This Project

Can you feel the smell of the spring? Oh, that is one of the best parts of this season. Add some birds songs, blooming flowers, shy sun which touches you so gently, chilly mornings and warm evenings when you have to carry your jacket in the hand and you have spring. This is what I wanted to put into those pictures. A little bit of the smell, a little bit of songs.

When do I know spring came? The first and the most important precursor is this one random guy you see in the street, wearing  shorts, T-shirt and sunglasses when you still drown in your big, warm scarf and autumn jacket. When you see one of those – that’s it – too late to loose your extra kilos, ’cause spring is here.

What about me, I know spring is here when

  • I am spending 10 minutes thinking which jacket to wear (or maybe none? or maybe just a warm sweater? or maybe this, or that? Or I am not ging anywhere today!! :/),
  • I randomly think about ice cream,
  • birds sing louder than lawn mowner works in the morning,
  • main streets are crowded on the lunch time and on the weekends,
  • I can hear a lot of laughter all around,
  • water section in the local market gets emptier every hour.
  • and many, many more.

What I want to show you today  is a small extract from what I’ve noticed this season. Unfortunately, I can’t bring you sounds and smells, so stand up, open your windows and breathe in. What a wonderful day!

P.S. Gallery will be constantly getting fuller.


Nature, Photography
nature, photography, spring, sunset, sunshine
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